This world is becoming smaller and smaller. And everyone love online shopping. But sometimes we are confused about so many sellers. We want the best price and great quality one. It cost us much time.

“Have you tried some B2B website instead? Like Alibaba, made-in-China, global source”

B2B is different with B2C, it seems difficult to buy cuz something like MOQ and Payment. But nowadays B2C seems a trend and B2B start to selling B2C product as well. Certainly you could also compare the price with other factories. And choose the best one and contact them. It works well. And MOQ 1pcs is Ok. The price is very good than Amazon, AliExpress, Ebay.

Google is always one of the best way.

We almost cannot live without Google now. Use some keyword to search. Like hair factory in China. Chinese hair factories. Then some social medias and factories website will show. Choose one you like. Some of you may think what you say I already knew. Well, try google maps as well. Location is in China QingDao city and just search Chinese 发制品有限公司. When you know the address the contact No will be easily to get from google search.