When we search the shopping website like Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay OR wish, we always see some sellers said their human hair are virgin , remy OR even virgin remy. Some clients are very confused. So I had to say something this day.

The term virgin hair usually refers to hair that has not been chemically treated with perms, relaxants, and dyes. It may also refer to hair that has never been stretched, braided, or otherwise treated that may damage the stratum corneum.

Virgin hair is sometimes used to make high-quality hair extensions and wigs. Want to get curly or plump hair, but People who still want to keep virgin hair have alternatives to chemical perms. Curling irons and perm rollers are the most popular tools for temporary curling. There are also shampoos on sale that claim to increase the degree of curling of the hair. Just braiding the hair or twisting the hair around the hair and fixing it with a pin after getting wet will also cause temporary curls or waves.

Virgin hair is sometimes considered ideal-quality hair that is unlikely to have split ends and a dull appearance due to dryness. Virgin hair also has a series of unique styling obstacles, because it may be too soft or too thin to be controlled and fixed in the upper hair area with styling products. The hair of the virgin is not affected by permanent and semi-permanent dyes. There are many alternatives to permanent dyes, which can change the color of the hair while maintaining the quality of the hair. Compared with permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes, they have a greater impact on the hair, sometimes including some conditioners that can improve the hair condition. , Temporary hair dye can only produce a darker color than the natural color of the hair. In order to obtain a lighter shade than the natural color of the hair, it must be bleached before it can no longer be regarded as virgin hair.

The process of straightening or “relaxing” hair with chemicals is not so easy to reproduce by temporary means. Although the hair straightener can temporarily straighten hair that is already straight or wavy, it has little effect on naturally curly or kinked hair. Virgin hair is unlikely to look dull or split. Virgin hair is usually soft and delicate hairstyles that are not suitable for all hairstyles. For example, short hair and pointed “punk” hairstyles are easier to achieve with thicker or damaged hair. Therefore, hair stylists sometimes advise clients to bleach or dye their hair permanently to achieve the target volume.

See Virgin hair is also a valuable commodity, which is grown, cut and sold to hair product manufacturers in some countries. These manufacturers then use these hairs to make extensions and wigs, which are exported to various parts of the world and have many larger hair care products that can replace chemical perms.

Some hair straighteners are untreated and designed for natural curly hair. Untreated hair will cause damage to the hair after strict chemical processing treatment. The hot roller can be used to achieve temporary curling without losing its virgin state.